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A former towpathLa Coulée Verte is a path along the Charente river, between Saint-Yrieix and Nersac, of nearly 20 kms.

The Charente river was once a line of communication which was essential for trade. A towpath was used to pull flat-bottomed boats that carried downstream paper, brandy, or stones. Then they used to go back with spices, salt or fish.

In the late 19th century, the river was gradually abandoned because of the rail transport. Many relics of these activities remain along this peaceful river. This heritage is a part of the rich heritage of the valley (also rich in terms of fauna and flora).

La Coulée Verte connects historic, natural and economic sites. The walker can discover the variety of events and places.
La Coulée Verte has become, over the years, one of the most popular stroll of Angoulême.

The path :
1/ From la Petite Prairie to the lake of la Grande Prairie in Saint-Yrieix (2,5 km)
2/ From the lake of la Grande Prairie to the bridge of Bourgines (4 km)
3/ From l'Île de Bourgines to the lock of Thouérat (4,5 km)
4/ From the lock of Thouérat to the bridge of Basseau (3,5 km)
5/ From the bridge of Basseau to the Mill of Fleurac in Nersac (2 km)
6/The path of la Coulée Verte continues on the left bank of the river from the Mill of Fleurac to the bridge of la Meure in Nersac but some parts of the path are not landscaped (4 km).

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GPS coordinates :
Latitude : 45.683
Longitude : 0.154563