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The church of Saint Michel is characterized by its simplicity. Its architecture consists of one central nave and a chancel with a flat apse. A litlle steeple over the chancel makes the church different from the constructions around.
Its simple façade is crowned by a stained-glass window and a window in the stone wall.

It's an old church dated 1110 according to ancient texts for a first construction. First partly built on the "Island", surrounded by water and wetlands, the construction as we know it now is dated from the late 12th century.
Then the chancel has been entirely rebuilt at the end of the 15th century.

One of the unknown richnesses of this church is its stained-glass window dated 1943, created by Auguste Labouret (1871 - 1964), who contributed to improve the glass-making technique created by Godin in 1923. Taking irregularly-shaped pieces of glass as well as removing scales make the light entering more intensively in the church. 

An other richness is a statue of the Virgin Mary and the Child - which is in a niche - dated 15th or 16th century. This stone sculpture is in a rustic style which gives it a certain charm and a sensitivity representative of a popular art.

The St Michel church of L'Isle d'Espagnac is characteristic of small parish churches. Built at two different periods, the first one reflects the second half of the 12th century, when the region were building a number of Romanesque monuments. The second one recalls the 15th century, the time of reconstructions after the One Hundred Years' War.


Place Jeanne d'Arc Mairie

GPS coordinates :
Latitude : 45.6605
Longitude : 0.20113