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The church, first mentioned in 1110, has been rebuilt for the first time by the middle of the 12th century and has gone through changes that have modified its original aspect.

The story of the church reveals that two priests were important in the life of the parish:
- Jean Vergereau, priest in 1661 who died in May 2, 1708 and was buried in the sanctuary;
- François Faunier du Plessis, who came in Mornac in January 18, 1778, was deported to the "Ile Madame". He died there in September 2, 1794 following mistreatments by  revolutionaries. A memorial plaque has been installed in April 28, 1929.

The portal is surrounded by two stoups dated 17th century. You can see a shield with ornaments on the fisrt floor.
The steeple has two bells. The most ancient one is from 1564 or 1584 and the second one is dated 1724.
You will see some sculptured or engraved stones by the Compagnons du Tour de France, remnants of the restorations, on the walls of the town.
The paving of the sacristy is made with these small stones called "Dent de Loup" or "Cœurs de demoiselles".


Rue de l'Eglise Mairie
16600 MORNAC

GPS coordinates :
Latitude : 45.6799
Longitude : 0.271451