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Tickets on sale at the end of the year at the Tourist Office of Angouleme
In Angouleme, from 24 to 27 January, 2019

The entire planet of Comics will be waiting for you in Angoulême!
For younger children, there will be a unique place with animations, games and workshops. Shows, exhibitions, meetings, screenings and exclusive events : 4 days of entertainment and events non-stop.

The winner of the Festival 2018 is Richard CORBEN.
Born in 1940 in Anderson, Missouri (USA), Richard Corben began publishing stories in underground magazines before joining Warren Publishing, where he rose to fame for his horror and science-fiction illustrations. He thus became one of the major contributors to cult magazines Creepy and Eerie. Read here his biography

The Richard "Mozart" Corben Exhibition.
Every year, an exhibition is dedicated to the Festival’s Grand Prix. For this year’s event, many collectors have collated a comprehensive retrospective on Richard Corben, an author held by his peers as one of the most fascinating cartoonists of his generation. Moebius even called him Richard “Mozart” Corben in tribute to his unparalleled genius. Where : Museum of Angouleme.

80 years of Batman: an American genre unmasked.
Immerse yourself in the world of the protector of Gotham City! Urban Comics, DC, Warner Bros. and the Angoulême International Comics Festival will give a pride of place to Batman who will celebrate his 80th anniversary in 2019. Shaped by many talented artists, from Bob Kane to Frank Miller, this iconic DC Super Hero left an undeniable mark on the comic book industry. This immersive and playful exhibition offers you to visit the most famous places roamed by the most famous American vigilante.
Where : L’Alpha – Médiathèque – Monde Imaginer.

Milo Manara: the Journey of a Maestro, from Pratt to Caravaggio.
The Angoulême Festival will host a first-ever retrospective on world-famous comics Master Milo Manara. Spotlight on his career over fifty years, encompassing the effervescence of 1970s Italy, the artist’s encounter with Federico Fellini, his collaborations with Hugo Pratt, the sensuality of his lines, and so much more.
There will be six parts to the exhibition; the showcased 150 original comic strip pages and rare or hitherto unpublished documents will give visitors insight into the work of an artist deeply attached to the cultural heritage of Italy, as well as to a number of its illustrious icons.
Where : Espace Franquin.

The saga of Jérémie Moreau
In January 2018, and for the third time in less than 15 years, Jérémie Moreau was awarded the Angoulême Festival’s “Fauve d'Or” prize. This year, the Festival will hold a major exhibition to celebrate his prolific artistic and professional career.

A Tragicomic Setting
This year’s Angoulême Festival is hosting a special exhibition in honor of Rutu Modan, whose talent was twice rewarded in past editions. Pride of place will be given to the artist’s fundamental work intermingling raw realism with a sharp sense of humor, while her limpid style undergoes a shift in both its form and dialogue with reality.

DRAWING CHILDHOOD, A Retrospective on Taiyou Matsumoto
Taiyou Matsumoto has authored mangas for the past 30 years. For the first time, the Angoulême Festival is holding a special retrospective dedicated to his work that will feature nearly 200 original manga comics.

Tsutomu Nihei Exhibition
In January 2019, a special exhibition will feature the work of one of the world’s greatest science-fiction manga artists, who authored BLAME!, Knights of Sidonia, and the forthcoming Aposimz due to be published at the end of the year (Glénat).

Jean Harambat – Back and Forth
Winner of the 2018 René Goscinny Prize Jean Harambat combines literature, intimacy, and a taste for adventure in his work.

Tom-Tom and Nana present: all about Bernadette Després
In January 2019, the Angoulême Comics Festival will host an exhibition dedicated to the work of Bernadette Després, who illustrated the famous French comic strip series Tom-Tom and Nana among others...
Along with presenting original works, the exhibition will invite visitors to discover a captivating realm where roundness and movement, fun, games, music and songs intermingle. A realm dreamed up by a remarkable illustrator who grew up with Bécassine and Tintin, and who infuses her joyful and communicative spirit into her drawings.

ADVANCE TICKETS - Advanced tickets are available until the 20th January, midnight:
One-day pass:
- Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 16€ adult - 11€ 10-17 years old - 11€ reduced tickets - Free under 10 years old.
-Saturday: 22€ adult - 11€ 10-17 years old - Free under 10 years old.
4-day pass: 36€ adult - 25€ 10-17 years old - 25€ reduced tickets.
REDUCED TICKETS : Only for people with reduced mobility, job seekers or RSA, AAH and ASS beneficiaries on Thursday, Friday and Sunday  (no reduced tickets on Saturday), Only presale purchase (until the 20th January 2019, midnight). A written proof will be asked for the pass withdrawal.

TICKETS - From Monday, 21st January 2019 (online or in situ):
One-day pass:
- Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 19€ more than 10 years old - Free under 10 years old.
-Saturday: 25€ more than 10 years old - Free under 10 years old.
4-day pass: 45€ more than 10 years old - Free under 10 years old.

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  • Du 24 au 27 Janvier 2019
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